Repair Management System
The TrailBlazer Tracking system is designed to make tracking of repairs simple. It even allows your customers to log in and see the status of the repairs they have in the shop.

Frequently asked questions

Can TrailBlazer be used for other kinds of repair centers, other than Computer repairs?
Yes, there is a configuration switch to set TrailBlazer to ‘computer repair center’ or not.

I need my technicians to peer check repairs before they can be signed off? Is this possible with your product?
After previous requests, we have included a peer check feature – repairs cannot be set to complete until checked by second technicican. Obviously it is possible to turn this feature off.

Can we customise the look of TrailBlazer to suit our business?
Yes, the header and footer banner images can be replaced with your own. You can also edit the CSS file to change fonts, colours etc.

What about the printouts? Can we change the layout of them?
The templates for the booking in sheet, stickers, invoices and booking out report are all HTML based, and can be edited to any layout you desire. The templates contain tags for each piece of information in the printout, which can be moved, deleted or even duplicated as required.

If we purchase a licence for TrailBlazer, how long will it take you to get us up and running?
Once you give us the go ahead, we can usually get your TrailBlazer system set up within 24 hours. If you require a new domain name, it will take up to 24 hours for this to propogate to the DNS servers.

If we have any questions, will you give us support?
Absolutely – we will do our best to ensure that you get the best use out of TrailBlazer. We will try to answer any questions you have within a few hours.

Can TrailBlazer run on Linux servers?
No, TrailBlazer is built on microsoft .NET technologies, and must run on a windows server with IIS6+. As microsoft provide free versions of SQL server these days, we don’t see this as an issue.

Why is TrailBlazer web based?
Being web based, TrailBlazer allows your trade customers to book in repairs themselves, and view the status of their repairs at any time. As web servers are very reliable these days, performance and reliability is very good. Web based applications are also much easier to update (no user install needed) – If we host your system, you may notice updates and new features periodically. This is not possible with desktop applications.

Will we have to purchase upgrades, or renew our licence in future?
No, once you purchase a licence, you will entitled to free upgrades forever. There may be additional modules in future that require a separate payment.

Any plans to support Sage or Quickbooks?
We have now implemented a CSV data extract utility for getting data out of Trailblazer, for use in Sage, or other packages.

If I need any new features, can you add them?
If they are beneficial to the product overall, then we will certainly consider it for addition. We have a list of features to be added, so your feature may be included with the next release.


We have not used SQL server before, and need some help with it
Please take a look at our Database set up page